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About Green Promise

Every change, no matter how seemingly insignificant, becomes a catalyst for more change. Your path to green is not a race. It is a journey.
— Green Promise
We live in an age dominated by capitalism without consciousness. But the tide is turning and consumers are voting with their wallets. Green Promise is here to help.

Our mission at Green Promise is to sort through the hype and misinformation. Gone are the days when simply choosing a natural or organic product is good enough. Big business has seen the green cash cow and is greedily chipping away at standards, and greenwashing in an effort to mislead consumers and make money on "the next big thing." Now it is important not only to know where a product comes from, but also who is behind it.

The path to green today is riddled with wrong turns and misdirection. Green Promise is here to guide you along your way. We are not eco-warriors. We will not judge where you are on your green journey. We are average people doing the best we can whenever we can, and passionate enough to spread the word. With knowledge and conscious choice, together we can sort through the clutter and truly make a difference.

It is time to stop being sheep.