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A wise frog once said, "It's not easy being green." We at Green Promise couldn't agree more. It's more than just buying organic and natural products, it's a whole mindset. Recycling...hybrid cars...renewable energy sources...anything we can do to minimize our "environmental impact." Check back often for articles on how to live a green lifestyle.

organic easter Put a Little Green into Your Easter Basket This Year
Aside from its obvious religious meaning, Easter is a time to rejoice in the rebirth of our planet. Green Promise offers greener choices to build a basket from the bottom up with organic and Fair Trade items, truly representing all that nature has to offer. read more...
green lifestyle The Art and Science of Hypermiling for the Average Eco-Conscious Driver
With gas prices on the rise yet again, we look to hypermiling: a set of skills employed to reduce fuel consumption. Techniques range from simple to extreme, dangerous to downright illegal. Green Promise sheds some light on these practices, with safety and the environment in mind. read more...
green lifestyle Beginner's Guide to Going Green, Part 2: Reduce
Conservation is key to saving the Earth’s precious resources. In part two in a five-part series on how to get started living a green lifestyle, we examine waste, food, water and energy along with some simple changes that can make a large impact. read more...
green lifestyle The Price Chicagoans Pay to Pollute the Earth with Water Bottles: 10 Cents
Chicago is pushing to put a tax on water bottles to help curb usage while earning some green for Mayor Daley’s green city. Considering both the toxic load and the environmental hit, we couldn’t agree more. read more...

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