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Organic Chocolate Suppliers

Last updated: 5/30/10

Below is an exhaustive – but by no means all-inclusive – list of fair trade and organic chocolate suppliers. Companies that either directly support the communities of their cacao farmers or offer chocolate that is both organic and fair trade are denoted in bold. In addition to organic chocolate, also look for chocolate gifts, organic cocoa, organic chocolate flavor extracts, organic cocoa butter, Fair Trade chocolate, Kosher chocolate, vegan chocolate and raw chocolate nibs and beans. This list will be updated periodically, but if you notice any errors or know of a company that belongs on this list, e-mail Green Promise at Eat responsibly!

Allison's Gourmet (
This vegan bakery offers up cookies, brownies, coffe, tea, hot cocoa in addition to their award-winning organic vegan fudge and organic vegan chocolate truffles, caramels and toffee. Chocolate is Fair Trade (along with their coffee and tea).

Alter Eco (
Imports and distributes Fair Trade, organic and carbon neutral foods made by small-scale farmers around the world including chocolate bars in assorted flavors.

Amano Artisan Chocolate (
Fairly traded, but not certified, retail and wholesale chocolate bars. Award-winning small batch chocolate.

Bête Noire Chocolates (
Some organic, fair trade and vegan offerings. Plus the all important vegan chocolate bunnies and vegan chocolate eggs for Easter!

Boardwalk Chocolates (
Vegan organic Fair Trade truffles from Toronto!

Callebaut (
Organic chocolate (white, milk, dark and chips) from a primarily conventional manufacturer. Wholesale only. (
Fair trade and organic chocolate bars, slabs and truffles out of the UK. A portion of every purchase goes to Save the Children.

The Chocolate Alchemist (
UK producer of organic and fair trade chocolates, including bars (milk, white, dark and flavored), truffles, chunks, spreads, drinks and seasonal chocolates. Everything is made from the finest quality organic Belgian chocolate.

Chocolate Decadence (
Offers vegan chocolates including holiday shapes. Some ingredients listed as organic. (
Online chocolate megastore offering just about any chocolate you'd need. Check out their collection of organic chocolates and fair trade chocolates.

Chocolatesource (
Online store selling both conventional and organic chocolate. Organic chocolate bars from Green & Black's.

Chocolove (
Milk, dark and flavored chocolate bars, each one with a poem on the inside of the wrapper. All products fairly traded, some certified organic. All products also certified Kosher. Check their site for a store near your or buy online at

Chocosphere (
Online store selling both conventional and organic chocolate. Organic chocolate bars from Dagoba, Green & Black's, Grenada and Valrhona Organic.

Cocoa Camino (
Organic and fair trade chocolate sold off-line in Canada. Product line includes hot chocolate, cocoa powder, milk chocolate bars, bittersweet chocolate bars, dark chocolate bars with almonds, and mocha bars.

CocoaVino (
Bonbons (many infused with wine or liqueurs), fig caramels, drunken figs and monthly tasting subscriptions. Ingredients are sourced from regional, sustainable and, when possible, organic and/or fair-trade producers. Powered 100% by wind energy and uses environmentally sensitive packaging.

Cru Cacao (
Raw vegan fair trade organic chocolate truffles. Does it get any better than that? Exotic flavor combinations available in select Chicago markets and online. Also sells wholesale.

Dagoba Organic Chocolate (
The first US chocolate manufacturer to produce exclusively organic chocolates. All products fairly traded, some Fair Trade certified. All products also are certified Kosher-D. Available in a variety of bars, baking essentials, drinking chocolates, specialty items and terrific gifts plus in bulk quantities for baking. Buy direct or from the following e-tailers:,,

David Wolfe's Sunfood Nutrition (
Raw organic cacao nibs and whole beans, raw organic cacao butter and raw organic vegan truffles and chocolates.

Dean's Beans (
Organic chocolate covered coffee beans, chocolate discs, hot cocoa and baking cocoa. Oh yes, organic coffee too!

Diamond Organics (
Online store selling organic chocolate (along with a host of other organic groceries). Organic chocolate bars from Dagoba, Green & Black's, Rapunzel and Newman's Own Organics.

Divine Chocolate (
UK fair trade chocolate bars (white, milk, dark, flavored), gifts/seasonal items and cocoa.

Earth's Sweet Pleasures (
Organic and Fair Trade fudge in Classic Semisweet and Rich Rainforest Dark, both available with and without walnuts. Plans include a "Fudge of the Month", with special recipes like Dark Espresso with Hazelnuts, Cranberry Pecan and Cocoa Mint.

Endangered Species Chocolate Company (
Organic and fair trade 'baby bars' and organic 'bug bites' along with flavored conventional chocolate 'animal' bars. Available in stores, at company Web site or at

Equal Exchange (
Organic and fair trade chocolate bars (milk, dark and dark with almonds) combine cocoa from three farmer cooperatives in the Dominican Republic and Peru; sugar from four cooperatives in Paraguay and Costa Rica; and milk (in the Milk Chocolate) from a cooperative in the U.S. All products are certified Kosher.

Garuda International (
Eco-friendly shopping site with large selection of Fair Trade and organic goods from around the world. Among their offerings are a number of organic and Fair Trade chocolate gift baskets. Some vegan chocolates available too.

Global Exchange Fair Trade Store (
Fair trade online store also carrying some organic chocolates. Fair trade and organic chocolates include Equal Exchange, Art Bar, Green & Black's, Divine, Sweetheart and Dagoba. Gift packs also available.

Green & Black's (
UK organic and fair trade chocolate. Products include bars (dark, milk, white and flavored), cookies, ice cream and hot cocoa. Available online at: or

Green Goddess Organic Chocolate (
Organic and Fair Trade chocolate bars, herbal therapeutic and aromatherapy chocolates, Bliss Balls and Love Truffles. Wholesale available.

Grenada Chocolate (
Organic chocolate bars and candies. Available direct or from

Innocent Chocolate (
Frozen chocolate treats that melt in your mouth. Made with 100% organic, gluten-free, vegan and mostly raw ingredients without refined sugars.

Ithaca Fine Chocolates (
Maker of the Art Bar: certified organic and Fair Trade Swiss chocolate bars that feature an art reproduction on a collectible card inside the wrapper. 10% of profits support art education.

Katherine-Anne Confections (
Chocolate truffles and caramels are handmade from scratch with no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. Only the finest natural ingredients, and many of them are local or organic. If you are lucky enough to live in the Chicagoland area, there is a list of local retailers. Otherwise buy them online.

Kona Kava Farm (
Vegan chocolate chips from Hawaii.

Lake Champlain Chocolates (
Offers both conventional and organic chocolate that is preservative-free and Kosher-certified. Buy direct or check their site for retail locations nationwide.

Life by Chocolate (
Organic and fair trade hand made chocolates. Cordials, caramels, bars and more, plus a full line of vegan chocolates.

Lillie Belle Farms Chocolates (
Hand-made organic truffles. All chocolates are made with an organic single origin chocolate from Costa Rica.

Love Street Living Foods (
Raw food site offering a host of goodies including fairly traded kosher raw organic chocolate in the form of nibs, paste and powder (including bulk sizes), raw organic chocolate bars (regular, super fudge and goji berry) and organic raw vegan chocolate spreads.

Malagasy (
Fairly traded transitional organic chocolate bars from Madagascar. Only offered in the UK, Sweden and Germany.

Moonstruck Chocolate (
Organic chocolate offering in addition to their conventional products. Organic milk and dark chocolate and organic double dark hot chocolate mix. (
Online store selling organic chocolate (along with a host of other organic groceries). Organic chocolate bars from Endangered Species, Dagoba, Vivani, Rapunzel and Newman's Own Organics.

Nahualli Trading Co. (
Unique offering of Chocolate Seeds: whole peeled organic cacao beans covered in either conventional or organic chocolate.

Nature's Flavors (
Organic chocolate flavor extract and concentrates, plus organic chocolate baking chips. Some products also Kosher, vegan, dairy free and/or gluten free.

Neuchatel Chocolates (
Newly added fair trade and organic dark and milk chocolate bars.

Newman's Own Organics (
Organic chocolate bars (milk, dark and flavored) available online or in stores. Buy online at or

Ojai Chocolat (
Raw organic vegan chocolate treats including chocolate covered nuts, raisins, bars, peanut butter "cupz", chili-hot cocoa and sugar-free chocolates.

Organic Garden Cafe Raw Megastore (
Online e-tailer that carries organic raw chocolate beans and nibs.

Organic Revolution Worldwide (
Husband and wife team offering organic chocolate squares, beans and nibs.

Pacari Chocolate (
Pacari is the first single origin organic chocolate made in Ecuador, produced in small batches to maintain its intense flavor profile. All ingredients are 100% organic and produced in a fair and equitable trade manner by small scale farmers in Ecuador. Choose from a range of dark chocolate bars and chocolate coated fruits. Order online at or

Plamil Foods (
UK manufacturer offering non-dairy and soy-free organic and fair trade chocolate bars (60%, 87% and flavored).

Rapunzel Pure Organics, Inc. (
Organic and fair trade chocolate bars (semisweet, milk, bittersweet, flavored), cocoa powder and truffles. Order online at the following e-tailers:,, (
Organic e-tailer that also carries raw organic cacao nibs.

Rococo Chocolates (
UK company selling flavored organic chocolate bars along with conventional chocolate. Buy online at

Santa Barbara Chocolate (
Among conventional offerings, you will find Santa Barbara’s certified Fair Trade organic Peruvian chocolate (milk to dark).

Seeds of Change (
Organic chocolate bars in a variety of flavors. 1% of net sales goes to advance sustainable agriculture worldwide.

Shaman Chocolates (
Organic and fair trade chocolates supporting the Huichol Indians living in Mexico's Sierra Madre Mountains. Chocolate bars in five flavors: dark chocolate, dark chocolate with raspberries, dark chocolate with coconut, milk chocolate and milk chocolate with hazelnuts.

Sjaak's Organic Chocolates (
More than a dozen different organic chocolate bars, plus truffles, novelties and gifts...even holiday chocolates. Uses fair trade practices. Also offers a variety of vegan chocolates. Buy direct or from

Stirs the Soul (
Organic raw chocolate bars and molded chocolates. Maker of the Origins chocolate bar.

Sunspire (
Organic and fairly traded chocolate products for baking, snacking and candy making without any artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or additives. Check our their Sun Drops, an M&M-like candy, and their vegan chocolate chips. All products certified organic and Kosher.

Sweet Earth Chocolates (
Organic and fair trade chocolate chips, bars and truffles with bulk quantities available.

Swoon Beams (
Organic and Fair Trade fudge in a variety of flavors and (soon) barks. New family-owned company.

Taraluna (
Eco-conscious shopping site offering Fair Trade, organic and vegan chocolate bars, molded chocolates, mint cremes and truffles.

The Tea Room (
Tea-infused organic chocolate truffles, trufflies (little truffles), bars and other goodies.

Terra Nostra Organic Chocolate (
Based in Canada, offers organic and fairly traded chocolate truffles, bars and hot chocolate. Also offers non-dairy chocolate bars.

Theo Chocolate (
Premium organic, fair trade and specialty chocolate. Theo Origin bars range from 65-91% cacao content and are vegan and soy-free. 3400 Phinney chocolate bars come in a variety of flavors with a few vegan options. Theo Confections are made in small batches with local (Seatlle) ingredients.

Udo's Choice Bija Omega Truffles (
Milk, dark and white organic chocolate truffles that are rich in omaga 3 & 6 fatty acids. US only.

UliMana (
Organic vegan raw chocolate brownies, truffles and spreads. Donates 5% of profits to support various nonprofit organizations.

Vital Choice (
Oddly enough, Vital Choice is primarily a seafood supplier. But they do carry their own label of 80% organic dark chocolate bars, with or without hazelnuts.

Vivani Chocolate (
German manufacturer of only organic chocolates. Buy online at or

Wilderness Family Naturals (
Raw organic cacao nibs and ground organic chocolate. The ground chocolate product uses a centuries-old process that preserves the health benefits of cacao keeping the cocoa butter intact, sweetened only with natural unprocessed Muscovado made from sugar cane.

World Wide Chocolate (
Both conventional and organic chocolate available with some Fair Trade offerings. Also sells wholesale.

Yachana Jungle Chocolate (
All natural, fair trade, vegan cacao nib mixes. Also will sell nibs in bulk to manufacturers. Organic certification in process.

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