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“Your Green Promise” Monthly Eco-Newsletter

What’s Your Green Promise Celebrate Earth Day. With Earth Day only a few days away, here are a few simple ideas that will lighten your carbon footprint.

Grab hold of your stuff. Get inspired (again if you’ve already seen it) by the wildly viral online movie, The Story of Stuff with Anne Leonard. This entertaining 20-minute film will take you on an eye-opening tour of the real costs of our consumer-driven culture from resource extraction to garbage incineration. The Story of Stuff examines how economic policies of the post-World War II era ushered in notions of “planned obsolescence” and “perceived obsolescence” — and how these notions are still driving much of the U.S. and global economies today. Then, after you watch it, come back and make a Green Promise to use less stuff.

Get the junk out of your trunk. Drastically cut down on the junk mail catalogs you receive and dispose of by registering at Catalog Choice and opting out of undesired catalogs. The Green Promise staff did this after being bombarded with Christmas catalogs last year. We had over 50 catalogs that we unsubscribed from. Not only did it cut down on waste but it saved us a lot of time weeding through all that junk mail.

Become a bag lady (man). Ditch the petrochemicals and go reusable. We know it’s hard to remember to bring your reusable bags to the store or even out of the trunk of the car, but trust us, you will eventually adapt. If you aren’t convinced, remember that plastic bags don’t biodegrade, they photodegrade — breaking down into miniscule toxic bits contaminating soil and waterways which eventually enters the food chain. Many grocery stores sell reusable bags now or you can get a cool logo-free bag at

Make a promise to the planet. If you haven’t aready done so, log your promise to make a change that will take you one step further along your path to green. When you do, your carbon footprint will be lighter and we will plant a tree until 5,000 Green Promises have been made. Plus, when your Green Promise has been fulfilled, another tree will be planted. Now every day can be Earth Day!

Recent Green Promises:

What are you waiting for? Make your Green Promise today!

green lifestyle The Hidden Dangers of Conventional Gardening
With the local food movement gaining ground, what could be more local than your own back yard or balcony? Growing your own fruits and vegetables is a great way to get back in touch with nature, at the same time providing for you and yours. Green Promise details the hidden dangers of conventional versus organic gardening.
green lifestyle Organic Garden Seed Suppliers
Online providers of organic garden seed and seedlings. Some companies offer both organic and conventional seed, but those companies offering conventional seed must have taken the Safe Seed Pledge to be included here. Get that garden started!

eco lingo

Planned Obsolescence is the design and production of products in order for them to become useless within a specific timeframe, either through function (disposable items, breakable parts) or through desirability. Perceived Obsolescense refers to when something is no longer desirable due to advertising and fashion trends. While a product may be functional, it is no longer viewed as having value. (Source: The Story of Stuff)


In a recent commentary from, seed giant Monsanto’s latest acquisition likely puts as much as 85% of all fresh market tomato seed into the hands of just one company. The time is ripe to learn and support seed saving to protect heirloom species.

According to, energy savings were notable in cities around the globe. Among more than 370 cities worldwide, Canberra, Australia reported a drop of 11.4 percent in energy consumption; Toronto logged a savings of 264 megawatts; and Chicago claimed 818 Megawatt hours saved. The countdown for 2009 has already begun for next year, but why wait until then to do something?


Green Apple Festival April 20
America’s largest Earth Day celebration. Eight free simultaneous festivals in landmark parks across the country: Chicago, New York, D.C., Miami, Dallas, San Fran and L.A.

Earth Day April 22
The first Earth Day was in 1970 and today the Earth Day Network reaches more than 17,000 organizations in 174 countries. Learn more about Earth Day and find Earth Day events in your area.

Go Green Expo April 26-27
Go Green Expo will feature hundreds of companies showcasing the latest earth friendly products & services, dozens of interactive seminars & speeches, an eco-film festival, an eco-fashion show and a variety of hands on demonstrations. New York City.

All Things Organic Conference and Trade Show April 27-29
The only show in the industry that gives chain and independent retailers, manufacturers, distributors, chefs and foodservice establishments access to more organic companies and more certified organic products than any other industry trade event. We’ll be attending the show this year, reporting on all the new developments in the organic sector. Chicago.


Don’t be shy...spread the word. And when you do, be sure to ask: “What’s your green promise?