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“Your Green Promise” Monthly Eco-Newsletter

Make a promise...Write it down...Change the planet. Every change, no matter how seemingly insignificant, becomes a catalyst for more change. Your path to green is not a race. It is a journey.

Let help you make your journey, one small (or big) step at a time. What's the catch? Your Green Promise is here for the world to see. We're talking accountability on a global scale. And it's long overdue.

If saving the world isn't enough reason to make a promise, we'll give you one more: for the first 5,000 Green Promises made, we'll plant a tree through Trees for the Future. For every Green Promise fulfilled, we'll plant a tree for that too.

Make a promise...Write it down...Change the planet.

What are you waiting for? Make your Green Promise today!

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eco lingo

Green Promise: A commitment to perform a sustainable action, large or small, that will benefit the planet. Some Green Promises include:
• switching to reusable shopping bags
• bringing lunch to work in reusable containers
• switching to CFL bulbs
• adding solar panels


According to Trees for the Future, each tree that it plants will absorb (not offset, an important distinction) more than 50 lbs of CO2 per year. That will amount to nearly 1 ton of CO2 absorbed over the life of each tree.

If you help meet its initial goal of planting 5,000 trees for 5,000 Green Promises, that will mean 250,000 lbs or 113 tons of CO2 absorbed each year!
Just how much CO2 is that? According to A Consumer's Guide to Retail Offset Providers, those 5,000 trees would absorb the CO2 emissions from the following, every year:
• 226,000 air travel miles
• 152,550 miles in an SUV
• 214,700 miles in a mid-sized car
• 678,000 miles in a hybrid car
• yearly power for 19 US homes

And this is just the beginning, because for every Green Promise kept, another tree will be planted. So go ahead, make your Green Promise today!


16th Annual Environmental Film Festival March 11-22
100 films presented at venues throughout Washington, D.C. Most screenings include discussion with filmmakers and scientists and are free. Washington, D.C.

Natural Products Expo West March 14-16
The largest trade show about natural and organic products. Over 2,800 exhibitors showcase new products, and cutting-edge trends. Watch engaging speakers, and attend informative seminars amidst endless networking opportunities. Anaheim, Calif.

Better Living Show March 28-30
A consumer show highlighting eight core topics including: lifestyle, home/garden, transportation, food/beverage, clean tech, eco-adventure, recycling and conservation with food, speakers, and more. Portland, Ore.

Down 2 Earth March 28-30
D2E is Boston's sustainable living expo. D2E is committed to promoting a smarter, greener way of life by connecting eco-friendly businesses with eco-minded consumers. Boston.

Earth Hour March 29 8-9pm local time
What started in Sydney, Australia last year is going global in 2008. Worldwide, individuals and businesses will turn off the lights for one hour to raise awareness and spur action for climate change.


Don’t be shy...spread the word. And when you do, be sure to ask: “What’s your green promise?