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“Your Green Promise” Monthly Eco-Newsletter

Happy (belated) New Year from Green Promise. Ok, we're a bit late, but we've been extremely busy working on a major addition to Green Promise...details on that to follow in a few days, if not sooner. In addition to that, we have been pulling together new resource lists for all things Valentine's Day! Last, but not least, we also have some timely news on income taxes and green tax credits.

green lifestyle Be My Organic Valentine
Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate your love for another. This time, also show your love for the planet by choosing organic and natural flowers, chocolates, lingerie, candles and more. read more...
green lifestyle Organic Flowers and Organic Flower Suppliers
Buying organic flowers reduces the toxic load on the environment, the flower farmers, their families, and florists. Look for a certified organic label or the Veriflora certification seal and enjoy the sweet scent of this guilt-free pleasure. See our full list of organic flower suppliers.
green lifestyle Organic Wine and Organic Wine Suppliers
Organic or biodynamic wine is best bought locally, but if the idea of green-wine hasn’t caught on in your area, check out our list of online organic wine vintners. Read more or buy some organic wine.
green lifestyle Organic Chocolate and Organic Chocolate Suppliers
There is no mistaking it, chocolate is a treat that nearly everyone loves to enjoy. And recent articles touting its health benefits are only sweetening chocolate's allure. But what about Fair Trade chocolate and organic chocolate? Read more or buy some organic chocolate.
green lifestyle Organic Candles and Organic Candles Suppliers
According to the American Lung Association, paraffin candles contain 11 documented toxins, two of which are known carcinogens. Protect the environment and your body at the same time by only using organic beeswax, soy or hemp candles. See our full list of organic candle suppliers.
green lifestyle Tax Credits for the Energy Saving Consumer
The tax man cometh! Greet him with open arms as some of your energy-saving purchases in 2007 may qualify you for a tax credit up to $500, up to $3400 for certain energy-efficient cars and up to $2000 for photovoltaic property or solar water heating property. read more...

eco lingo

Phantom Load: Energy wasted by electronics and power chargers when plugged in but not in use. Also known as leaking energy or stand by power. According to the US Department of Energy, in the average home 75% of the electricity used to power household electronics is consumed while the product is off. Yikes!

You can reduce your phantom load (saving money & reducing CO2 output) by placing electronic devices on power strips that you turn off when not in use. According to a recent Mother Earth News article, you can save around $178 a year by using the energy saver settings on your computer and placing your computer and all peripherals on a power strip and turning it off every night. You can save another $70 by doing this for other electronics like those with LED lights. For those who like gadgets, try the Smart Power Strip ($39 at, a handy device which can power down all computer peripherals (printer, scanner, modem) when your computer goes into hibernation or you turn it off (can be used with other electronics like your tv/vcr/cable box).


According to EcoVine Wine, if just one in twenty wine drinkers decided to demand organic wines only, organic vineyards would increase by nearly forty thousand acres, resulting in the elimination of more than 3.3 million pounds of agrochemicals per year.
Try the Benziger Family Winery or the Organic Wine Company for a nice selection of biodynamic wines that will take you beyond organic. For a list of more organic and biodynamic wineries, visit our organic wine resource page.


Greener Gadgets February 1
Learn about environmental initiatives from leading consumer electronics companies, designs for sustainability, and innovations in renewable energy technologies. New York.

San Francisco Ocean Film Festival February 1-3
Featuring more than three dozen feature, short, documentary, and animated films from around the world, including talks by filmmakers and content experts aimed at enhancing public appreciation for the ocean and it’s importance to the planet. San Francisco.

POOL Trade Show February 12-14
It only takes a second to change the world. POOL TRADESHOW showcases the best emerging designers and new products ranging from fashion and accessories to a wide variety of lifestyle products. Las Vegas.

The 3rd Global Environmental Wholesale Trade and Eco Friendly Fashion Show February 11-14
This show is for eco exhibitors, eco retailers, conventional retailers and everyday people that want environmental information on earth-friendly fashionable clothing designs, sustainable textiles, eco products and green information. Las Vegas.

16th Annual Environmental Film Festival March 11-22
100 films presented at venues throughout Washington, D.C. Most screenings include discussion with filmmakers and scientists and are free. Washington, D.C.

Natural Products Expo West March 14-16
The largest trade show about natural and organic products. More than 2,800 exhibitors showcase new products, and cutting-edge trends. Watch engaging speakers, and attend informative seminars amidst endless networking opportunities. Anaheim, Calif.


Don’t be shy...spread the word. And when you do, be sure to ask: “What’s your green promise?