Organic and Natural Products and Research
organic and natural resources

So you're ready to live a green life. Where on earth will you find your (insert natural or organic product here)? You've come to the right place. Check this section often as our resource list will grow rapidly.

green lifestyle Green Gift Guide
Green Promise proudly brings you one of the largest green gift guides online! More than 100 unique eco-friendly gift ideas in dozens of categories are just a click away. This sustainable gift guide will continue to grow. Shop green and eco-friendly gifts...
organic Christmas trees Organic Christmas Tree Farms
Green Promise scoured the Web to bring you this list of organic Christmas tree farms, which includes those that either are certified organic or practice organic methods but are not yet certified. While it may not look as full as your ideal Christmas tree, it is currently the largest list available online. Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...
green lifestyle Environmentally-friendly Christmas Cards
This holiday season, why not send good tidings to the planet by choosing environmentally-friendly Christmas cards. Everything from 100% recycled to tree free papers and plantable papers to vegetable inks. Buy environmentally-friendly Christmas cards.
green lifestyle Environmentally-friendly Gift Wrap
What better way to wrap your planet conscious gift than with environmentally-friendly wrapping paper. It's like the icing on the cake. Everything from 100% recycled to tree free papers and plantable papers to vegetable inks. Green your gift wrap.
fair trade and organic chocolate Organic Chocolate Suppliers
First up is likely the largest list of organic chocolate suppliers found on the Web today. In addition to organic chocolate, also look for organic cocoa, organic chocolate flavor extracts, organic cocoa butter, Fair Trade chocolate, Kosher chocolate, vegan chocolate and raw chocolate nibs and beans. Go buy some chocolate!
organic flowers Organic Flower Suppliers
Buying organic flowers reduces the toxic load on the environment, the flower farmers, their families, and florists. Look for a certified organic label or the Veriflora certification seal and enjoy the sweet scent of this guilt-free pleasure. See our full list of organic flower suppliers.
organic candles Organic and Biodynamic Wine Suppliers
Organic or biodynamic wine is best bought locally, but if the idea of green wine hasn’t caught on in your area, check out our list of online organic wine vintners. See our full list of organic wineries.
organic candles Organic Candle Suppliers
According to the American Lung Association, paraffin candles contain 11 documented toxins, two of which are known carcinogens. Protect the environment and your body at the same time by only using organic beeswax, soy or hemp candles. See our full list of organic candle suppliers.
organic garden seed Organic Garden Seed Suppliers
Online providers of organic garden seed and seedlings. Some companies offer both organic and conventional seed, but those companies offering conventional seed must have taken the Safe Seed Pledge to be included here. Go buy some seeds!
organic and natural grass-fed beef Organic and Natural Grass-fed Beef Suppliers
Finding grass-fed, grass-finished beef online is no easy task. Unfortunately, many ranchers feel the need to finish their cattle on grain, ruining the nutritional quality of the finished beef. While this list may not be a long one, you can be sure that all the ranchers have been contacted to confirm their cattle is, indeed, grass-finished. Go buy some beef!