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Green Gifts that Make a Difference

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Shop unique gifts that make a difference for your friends and family. Not your typical gifts, these are great for the person who has everything. This list will be updated periodically, but if you notice any errors or know of a gift that belongs on this list, e-mail Green Promise at Shop responsibly!

Environmental Working Group Pollution Solution Gift BagEnvironmental Working Group Pollution Solution Gift Bag
For a $135 tax-deductible donation to the Environmental Working Group, you not only contribute to the work they can do in 2008, including updating Skin Deep, supporting the Kid Safe Chemicals Act, fighting for organics, and getting dangerous chemicals out of your water and food, but you also get a cool Pollution Solution Gift Bag which includes the following: a 2008 Patagonia calendar (first 200 donors only!), 100% organic cotton Pesticide Guide shopping bag, 8" Lodge pre-seasoned cast iron pan, 18 oz Klean Kanteen chemical-free water bottle, Pesticide Guide recycled notepad, Seeds of Change organic chocolate bar, & more! (while supplies last).

Farm Sanctuary -- Adopt a Farm AnimalFarm Sanctuary -- Adopt a Farm Animal
$10 - $50 per month
Adopt a Farm Sanctuary animal as a gift for friends or family. Just choose the type of animal (you may wish to visit the shelter website and choose a special individual from a recent cruelty case) and complete the monthly sponsorship registration form. You will receive an adoption certificate with a color photograph of your adopted friend, an adoption card, and other benefits depending on your animal. Monthly sponsors are welcome to visit their adopted friend at the farm anytime.

By adopting a farm animal, you can provide the necessary support to care for a rescued animal that they may not be able to help without you. Farm Sanctuary's shelters are funded entirely by shelter members, so the number of animals they can care for is always dependent on sponsorship funding.

Green Globe GreenPointGreen Globe GreenPoint
Buy your friend, relative or colleague a GreenPoint! A GreenPoint is one square meter (10 sq. feet) of land in Queensland, Australia. Buying a Green Globe GreenPoint for just US$39.90 makes you, your friend, relative or colleague the legal owner of this land. You receive an official ownership certificate showing it's your very own piece of this world. Your purchase of this GreenPoint initiates the process of greening by Green Globe, that is, the restoration of the sub-tropical forest that used to cover this part of Queensland.

KathyKathy's Climate Kits -- Greener Living in a Box
Climate Kits are user-friendly collections of tools and tips to help people save energy, water and money. They include many things people know they should be doing to reduce their environmental impact, but never quite get around to. The standard Climate Kit includes compact fluorescent bulbs, an LED nightlight, rope caulk weather stripping, a tire pressure gauge, a 1.0 gallon per minute faucet aerator, a compact reusable bag (ChicoBag), a reusable grocery bag, toilet leak detection tablets, letters to Congress, a junk mail removal letter (that includes a $1 processing fee and a stamped, addressed envelope) and more. Plus, one tree is planted through for every kit sold.

Oceana -- Adopt a CreatureOceana -- Adopt a Creature
$35 and up
Adopt one of Oceana's 16 ocean creatures and help protect their habitat. Overfishing, pollution and habitat destruction are putting the world's marine life at risk, from tiny seahorses to great white sharks. This holiday season you can adopt one of 16 creatures for a loved one and your donation will help Oceana's advocacy efforts to protect these creatures and their habitats. As a special token of thanks, gift recipients can receive their choice of cookie cutters, an official adoption certificate, facts on ocean creatures and a sugar cookie recipe. And, for a donation of $100 or more, they'll also receive an exclusive Oceana oven mitt. It's a unique and meaningful gift for the whole family to enjoy! Gift recipients will also receive an adoption certificate and information on the adopted creature.

Rainforest Conservation -- Adopt a Chocolate TreeRainforest Conservation -- Adopt a Chocolate Tree
Adopt a Chocolate Tree for the Holidays! A Chocolate Tree adoption certificate makes the perfect holiday gift for that special eco-conscious friend or relative.

With a little help, chocolate may save Ecuador's rainforest. By protecting cacao trees, the region's people can earn a living by cultivating cacao and will not have to turn to logging and cattle ranching, the two biggest threats to the remaining rainforest. When you Adopt a Chocolate Tree, you receive:

Rainforest Conservation -- Adopt an AcreRainforest Conservation -- Adopt an Acre
Give an acre of rainforest as a gift. Just $100 protects an acre of rainforest forever. WLT-US will send you a certificate you can present as a gift in honor of a wedding, birthday, or other occasion. Donations to World Land Trust-US go directly to assist local organizations to buy land to protect critically endangered species, halt species extinction, and preserve biodiversity. WLT-US is a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law.

Rainforest ForeverRainforest Forever
A gift that makes a difference. Buy a tree in the Amazon Rain forest. You will get: legal ownership of a living Rainforest Tree (located in Biaciu, Brazil), a framed Certificate of Ownership, a high-Resolution GPS Locator Map, a congratulatory Letter to Recipient, a personalized Gift Greeting and the Power of One Tree Card.

St. JudeSt. Jude's Patient Artwork Glass Ornament
These treasured ornaments will bring joy to your heart and home this holiday. Each 80mm hand-blown glass ornament is hand-painted and has a St. Jude logo charm.

WWF Animal AdoptionWWF Animal Adoption
$25 and up
As the world's premier conservation organization, WWF is working around the world to protect endangered wildlife, preserve wild lands and address global threats and challenges. Every donation you make helps save some of the world's most endangered animals from extinction and supports WWF's conservation efforts. Receive an adoption certificate, photo, plush animal and a map, depending on your contribution.

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