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Shop green and eco-friendly lifestyle gifts for your friends and family. This list will be updated periodically, but if you notice any errors or know of a gift that belongs on this list, e-mail Green Promise at Shop responsibly!

e-Bike Kit - Hybrid Electric Bikee-Bike Kit - Hybrid Electric Bike
$449 was started to help reduce consumption of oil and gas, in a meaningful way, and provide a convenient, reasonable, and very affordable alternative to fossil-fuel-based transportation. With your hybrid electric bike, you can use the power assist to cruise effortlessly, or you can pedal in the normal fashion -- or you can do a little of both. A full charge will take you about 20 miles at a speed of up to 20 mph on level ground. And to recharge it, just plug it into a convenient electrical outlet.

Eco TripsEco Trips
Price: varies
The Good Travel Co. is about travelling in a way that maximises the connection with the country visited and minimises the traveller's environmental and cultural impact. Every hotel and holiday on this site has a sustainability rating; so you know the footprint that your trip will leave behind.

Electric ScootersElectric Scooters
Environmentally friendly, noise-free, and operates on pennies a day. These scooters are great for recreation or taking a short trip to the store.

Geolopes Gift PacksGeolopes Gift Packs
$5.95 to $35
Geolopes are common sized envelopes and stationery recycled from outdated government surplus topographic maps published by various U.S. and Canadian government mapping agencies. This is the perfect three R's green product for the next century -- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. They make excellent gifts for the geomanics on your list or just use them for yourself. Your correspondents will definitely want to tear open their mail when they get one of these fascinating envelopes in the letterbox. There is no telling what geographic areas of North America will appear in your assortment -- mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, cities -- who knows?

$.99 per song
Give the gift of music, movies, TV and more with iTunes.

KathyKathy's Climate Kits -- Greener Living in a Box
Climate Kits are user-friendly collections of tools and tips to help people save energy, water and money. They include many things people know they should be doing to reduce their environmental impact, but never quite get around to. The standard Climate Kit includes compact fluorescent bulbs, an LED nightlight, rope caulk weather stripping, a tire pressure gauge, a 1.0 gallon per minute faucet aerator, a compact reusable bag (ChicoBag), a reusable grocery bag, toilet leak detection tablets, letters to Congress, a junk mail removal letter (that includes a $1 processing fee and a stamped, addressed envelope) and more. Plus, one tree is planted through for every kit sold.

Kindle: AmazonKindle: Amazon's Wireless Reading Device
It's been shown that e-readers actually do have a positive impact on the environment factoring in paper production, energy use and transportation of books and newspapers. Kindle is a convenient, portable reading device with the ability to wirelessly download books, blogs, magazines, and newspapers. The screen is sharp and as natural as reading ink on paper thanks to electronic paper, a revolutionary new display technology. It's nothing like the strain and glare of a computer screen and Kindle is also easy on the fingertips. It never becomes hot and is designed for ambidextrous use so both "lefties" and "righties" can read comfortably at any angle for long periods of time. Using the same 3G network as advanced cell phones, Kindle delivers your content using Amazon's wireless delivery system, Amazon Whispernet. Kindle lets you download and read the beginning of books for free. This way, you can try it out -- if you like it, simply buy and download with 1-Click, right from your Kindle, and continue reading. It is also capable of playing audio books with the use of headphones.

XB-300Li Electric Mountain BikeXB-300Li Electric Mountain Bike
The XB-300Li electric mountain bike is environmentally friendly, noise-free, and only costs pennies a day to charge. It's a fantastic way to bypass high prices at the pump!

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